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A Bit About Me

As a kid, my mom and I would watch classic movies on TV. The images I saw inspired me to create intricate scenes in my mind until my story was finished. I remember being seven or eight and not getting enough sleep.
Over the years, I wrote romantic comedies.
Then, one day I woke up with a vision of a boy waking up in front of his house, only a head on a mysterious metallic base. I thought… who would like a crazy story about a boy who had his body stolen? So, I ignored it for a few months. But it kept haunting me, so I had to write it. And when I did, kids disappeared for hours reading it all the way through. And the kids I met at school readings were so full of wonder, acceptance and excitement.
I was hooked on writing for kids.

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Because of a mischievous boy falling into a bog, two classrooms of students end up with ancient furry creatures stuck to their foreheads.
Connor is always getting into trouble, and on a field trip to a bog, falls in and almost drowns, but even worse than that—an ancient creature sticks itself to his forehead.
It first looks like a huge pimple but when he goes to school, the creature makes him headbutt another student and that student headbutts another, until thirty-two have pimples on their foreheads—sixteen red and sixteen yellow.
The next morning, Connor has a tiny baby with a human face and a furry red body stuck to his forehead, and the day after that, the creature has grown into a tiny furry man.
The yellow creatures battle the red ones for their kingdom, as the students have a battle of their own for the Trio trophy.


When Max the bookmark went into a scary book, he couldn't LOOK and he SHOOK and he SCREAMED, "GET ME OUT OF THIS BOOK!"

Then he learned to (1) breathe deeply, (2) make a plan, and (3) think positive thoughts--techniques used by the Navy SEALs. Max put his new tools into practice and now he's brave enough to face a snake, yucky bugs, and even a seven-headed monster!


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"The story chooses the writer."

Deborah Cholette


Travis, whose dream is to travel the world, ends up traveling out of his body, getting himself into hilarious situations but also into dangerous ones as he battles spies who are trying to steal government secrets.
The first time he travels, he ends up in a pencil and can’t find his body, and when he does, he can’t get back into it! Then another time, he ends up in a girl’s bookbag in the washroom!
But his life is in real danger when the spies kidnap his body…intending to get rid of it.


Get Me Out Of This Book: Rules and Tools for Being Brave

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